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Our remodel was a sizable project that didn’t leave a single room untouched. Not only did the project entail a nearly complete overhaul of all of the unseen, yet critically important infrastructure, but the aesthetic got a complete makeover. From the new steel I-beams to the fine wood trim (not to mention the mouse house), no part of the project was too large or too small.

The process was smooth from beginning to end. Whether working with the countless subcontractors, the architect or the kitchen designer, I never felt like I need to step in and manage anything. Importantly, the project was completed on-time and on-budget when you factor in all of our changes. As we increased the scope of the project, the additional time and cost was clearly communicated and turned out to be very accurate.

Perhaps most importantly, we really enjoyed working F.W. Lang Contracting and all of its employees. Everyone was very friendly and professional and we feel like we got to know F.W. Lang beyond the standard client/contractor relationship. We feel fortunate to have trusted F.W. Lang Contracting with turning our house into the home that it is today.

Thank you very much.

David & Lily, Clayton, MO

PHONE: 314-842-8455